Supporting Transitions

Supporting Transitions

Young children enjoy routine and consistency and our everyday nursery school practice supports this need well.

However, there are changes to cope with and the biggest changes of all are transitions.

Transitions are changes to school provision e.g. joining a new class or group, moving up a year group, or changing schools.

We understand that transitions can be difficult for any child and take steps to ensure that any transition is as successful as possible.

How we support children with SEND when they move into our nursery, on to another class or leave our school.

The first major transition children make is settling into nursery school from home. To support this we welcome all parents and carers to visit school with their child, to see what we have to offer and to enable them to make a good decision about their nursery place.

Families need to consider their child’s interests and what they like to do, how their child copes with larger groups, or how their senses react to different everyday situations they may encounter in a busy nursery.

Families of children with SEND are encouraged to visit the nursery to talk about their child’s individual needs, before their child starts.

We invite all new families to parent’s meeting to meet the staff.

We offer home visits for all families.

We hold visit days, with other children, in smaller groups, before a child starts their nursery place.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to have more visit days, shorter initial visits or parents staying with their child for a time. This offer is open to all of our children, as well as those with SEND and arrangements for induction to nursery can be individual.

In the spring and summer terms, before children move up to their new classes, children spend time in their new class and meet their new class team members.

In the summer term children who are moving up to Reception class visit their new school. A range of activities are planned and agreed with our neighbouring primary schools. If it is helpful for children, a member of staff will go with them on visits to their new school and help them to settle into the new environment and meet the staff. Children with SEND may require additional support when moving to their new school from and we work with staff at the feeder schools, we share information and plan children’s transitions.

In the Autumn term, Teachers and class team members of SEND children will discuss the options available to parents when choosing a school for their child and it is possible for staff to visit settings alongside parents to give advice.

Once a place has been offered, the nursery teachers will contact the school and  can set up dates for a member of staff to visit with the child to help familiarise them with the new environment and staff. The number of visits varies from child to child and is negotiated with parents.

We ensure that staff from our nursery school and all feeder schools meet so they can share records and key information about every child’s needs, use of equipment, strategies for teaching, agencies involved and so on. This support can continue early in the Autumn term if required.