Our Vision Values and Aims

Our Core Values

  • We are a happy, safe and caring nursery school.

  • We provide an engaging and appealing learning environment.

  • We respect, support and co-operate with each other.

  • We encourage everyone to use their strengths and build on their interests.

  • We aim for everyone to achieve the best they can.

Our Key Roles

  • To provide high quality early years education and child care.

  • To ensure our children achieve well and make good progress.

  • To promote equality, inclusion and the value of diversity.

  • To work closely with parents, carers and outside support agencies.

  • To contribute to the life and well-being of our local community.

Our Key Aims

To provide equal opportunties for all of our children regardless of their starting points we will:-

  • Take each child's learning and development forwards.

  • Enable all children to work, play and learn together positively.

  • Provide each child with a nuturing, safe and engaging environment.

  • Give each child positive care, support and attention.

  • Value all parents and carers as partners to enable them to engage in their child's learning.

  • Encourage parents and carers to share their views to help shape the service we offer.