Our Pre – Nursery School Curriculum ages 0-3

Our Pre-Nursery School Curriculum
ages 0-3

As well as our Nursery Education Classes, we offer 0-3 childcare and 2-3 year old free nursery places. Children in these age groups follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework 2017, focusing on the age bands 0-3.


Areas of learning and development

For children under the age of three, the seven areas of learning still form the basis of curriculum planning and indicate the progress which children can be expected to make.

Greater emphasis and attention is paid to the Prime areas of learning, as these are the areas which develop quickly in response to relationships and experiences and run through and support learning in all other areas. 

The Prime areas continue to be fundamental throughout the E.Y.F.S.

Children’s assessment and tracking focuses closely on developing strong skills in the prime areas of learning, at this stage in their development.

The principles of natural and real life resources and experiences are strong within the 0-3 age band.

Children will spend as much time outdoors as indoors at this age.