Our Nursery School Curriculum ages 3-5

Our Nursery School Curriculum ages 3-5

The key curriculum we cover starts the term after a child’s third birthday when they will experience teaching and learning in Prime and Specific areas of the EYFS

Personal Social and Emotional Development                    

  • Self Confidence and Self Awareness

  • Managing Feelings and Behaviour

  • Making Relationships

Communication and Language Development                   

  • Listening and Attention

  • Understanding

  • Speaking

Physical Development                   

  • Moving and Handling

  • Health and Self Care


  • Reading

  • Writing


  • Numbers

  • Shapes, spaces and measures

Understanding the World                  

  • People and communities

  • The World

  • Technology

Creative and Expressive Arts and Design                 

  • Experimenting with media and materials

  • Being Imaginative 

We plan our curriculum experiences

  • to meet the needs of our children

  • to enable them to enjoy working and playing together to thrive and be happy

  • to enable them find out more about the world around them.

Quality learning and play takes place indoors and outdoors.