Mealtimes and snacks

Mealtimes and snacks

All school must promote healthy lifestyles and it is essential for young children to start to eat a healthy and balanced diet, to support their growth and development.

In nursery we promote healthy eating by ensuring the food we offer is suitable, balanced and nutritious for children.

Children’s Food Trust Guidelines for healthy packed lunches

Think allergy poster

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Cooking and tasting

We have a separate kitchen area and focus on food and cooking during project work to develop children’s understanding of different foods and experience tasting and preparation activities.

We ensure all allergies are considered when children take part in these activities.

Water bottles

We ask that all of our children bring their own water bottle to nursery each day to enable them to have access to fresh water whenever they need to.

Water and milk is offered to children during snack times and we encourage children to drink extra water during warmer days and whilst playing outdoors.