Keeping Safe Online Guidelines

Keeping Safe Online Guidelines

All schools must have an e-safety policy which details the practices we will follow to keep our children safe.

Staff have to follow stringent guidelines in their daily practice in nursery as well as in their personal use of social media outside of school.

However, the risks to children from online are not limited to nursery settings and it is important for parents and carers to consider the risks their child may be exposed to if online safety is not considered at home.

E-Safety Policy


Safe Use of Mobile phones and online devices Policy

Online Safety at home

Below are links to guidance documents from Child net online and NSPCC


General advice from our school

  • Always turn off your mobile phone when you enter our building and if you need to take a call go to the cloakroom or reception areas.
  • When taking photographs during school events, remember you do not have the permission of every parent to do so – focus on your child as much as possible.
  • Be aware of publishing photos from school events on social media, other parents have not given you permission to include their child’s image.
  • Let school know if you do not wish to have your child’s photographs published on our school website or publicity materials.
  • Be aware that other parents may have access to the items you publish on social media and the implications this may have.
  • Please report any serious concerns you have to your child’s teacher or key workers.