Contact the SENCO

The SENCO is the Special Educational Needs Coordinator

They are responsible for ensuring children with additional needs receive the support and intervention they need in our nursery school

  • The SENCO for all children at Usworth Colliery Nursery School is Angela M. Graham, the Nursery Headteacher.
  • Teacher Emma Burdis is a qualified SENCO and is responsible for additional support and intervention in Meadow groups.
  • Teacher Tracey Giles is trained in speech and language support and intervention and is responsible for additional support and intervention for Wetlands, Woodlands and Beach groups.
  • Teacher Lindsay Guthrie specialises in well being and behaviour support for children.
  • School staff team train in supporting Special Educational Needs each year.


To contact the SENCO Angela M. Graham

  • Call in at the school office to arrange an appointment
  • Speak to your child’s teacher or Key Person to arrange an appointment for you or for the SENCO to call you.

Copies of policies not listed can be requested via the school office