We are happy to talk to parents and carers about their child’s needs.

Please don’t wait for formal parents meetings, come and talk to us as possible.

If you have a concern about your child’s learning, development or social and emotional needs you can do the following:-

  • Talk to your child’s teacher or Key Person as soon as you can.
  • Before school or at the start and end of sessions, staff are available for informal chats, we appreciate if you need to talk privately we can arrange this.
  • Arrange and appointment to talk to your child’s teacher or Key Person.
  • Call at the office on 01914167700 or ask your child’s teacher or Key Person to arrange to talk to the SENCO Angela M. Graham.
  • Talk to your Health Visitor as they may be able to offer advice and support at home.
  • If you wish to raise a formal concern or complaint please refer to our Complaints Procedure on the Policies page.

If you are concerned about the additional support your child is receiving, or you need to have this explained more clearly, please arrange to meet with their class teacher, Key Person or the SENCO Angela M. Graham as soon as you can.