Woodlands Class

Wetlands Class
8th May 2018


This week we had a very special delivery! it was some mini beasts that we had to explore and discover what they are and what they will turn into. 

We found out they were very small caterpillars! We have had lots of fun in group times learning all about the creatures and how they will change over time.

We look forward to seeing them turn into butterfly’s.





Have you heard about our visitors from farmer John? He left us some eggs in nursery and a incubator, we have been very excited to see what would hatch! 

To our surprise it was some chicks! We have had lots of fun watching them grow and now jump about. 


This week we have been getting our nursery garden ready, we have tidied, swept and planted new seeds. we are hoping for a beautiful colourful garden for summer. 

Please don’t allow the children to dig in the pots when waiting for the doors to open on a morning.



Today is red nose day and we have taken part in our 5 sponsored activities. It has been a lot of fun and thank you so much to parents and families for all of the donations.

1) i have tasted healthy fruit and yogurt. we had visitors from ASDA who brought us lots of different fruit to try and make our own flavoured yogurt! its was Delicious and everyone tried some!

2)I have taken part in a happy dancing session – we had a good dance and flippy flappers session 

3)I have joined in with Mindful exercises – we did peer massages by pretending to make a pizza on each other backs!


4) I have tried to brush my teeth – After dinner we brushed our teeth, this is something we will be continuing to do.


5) I have planted a flower and i will take care of it.



We have had a very busy week here in woodlands class! 

On Monday we had a lovely visit from the dogs trust, the lady told us all about staying safe around dogs and what we should and shouldn’t do. It was very interesting and we have got the rules to follow around dogs in our journals.

 On Tuesday it was pancake day…very tasty! we had a wonderful time making our own and having Delicious toppings! 

We cant forget about world book day and journal day. We all looked brilliant in our costumes!


The children enjoyed having their grown ups in to look at their journals and show them all the things we have been up to, there is also some lovely photographs about what we like to do. 



This week we have had a lovely time playing outside in the sunshine!

We have also started our keeping safe and healthy week at nursery and had a visitor from the road safety lady, she told us all about how to keep safe when walking, crossing the roads being in cars and riding our bike!






This week we have carried on learning more about Chinese New Year, it has been an exciting week learning about the dragon parade that takes place!

we decided that we would make our own dragon costume and act out the parade in the yard! Look at how amazing our dragon looked!



This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year, it has been a fun week exploring items from china and things they use for celebrating.

We have read books and found out how each year was named after a animal after they had a race! We decided that we would make masks of the animals and act the race out!

We added a Chinese restaurant into the main nursery for the children to use in role play, it has been a very popular area. On Friday we cooked our very own Chinese noodles and stir fry and had it with some prawn crackers..it was delicious.


We hope all families had a wonderful christmas and new year and we are all very pleased to be back at nursery and back into our routine, the children have settled in very well. We also welcome some new children into woodlands class.

This week we have been looking at Winter, we went on a lovely winter walk to our local park and then during the week something amazing happened while we were at nursery! It snowed! We all went outside to explore the snow and what we could do in it, it was very cold but very fun!

This week we have also been doing some yoga, it is lots of fun and the children are very good at it! Just look at one of

our poses!



Woodlands class have had a lovely day at wharton park for our trip.We went on a reindeer hunt, had a special story and made some reindeer food ready for Christmas eve.

We also had a lovely run around the park! It has been lots of fun!




It has been a magical week here at nursery! Polar express day was lovely exploring the decorated nursery and watching polar express film, we even had hot chocolate and cookies!

We have also been writing our letters to Santa and had a trip out to concord post office to post them. We hope to get a reply soon!

We have enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree in main nursery and we are sure you will agree it is beautiful!


It has been an exciting week in nursery this week making sure all the finishing touches are done to our art ready for the fairies to decorate the nursery!

When we come back to nursery on Monday it will be all decorated ready for Christmas and of course Polar Express day!

Don’t forget your pyjamas on Monday!


This week in woodlands class we have started our winter art ready for fairies night, the children have had a lovely week exploring winter and what we find in winter.

On a afternoon we have also been making preparations for fairy night, we need somewhere for the fairies to sleep so have had lots of fun making fairy houses!

We also did some ice painting!It was very cold but lots of fun!



Children in need 2018

This week we have enjoyed learning about Pudsey Bear and what we think he does.

We have done lots of spots and stripe crafts which we hope you have enjoyed at Journal Day.

It is lovely to see so many parents attend.




In woodlands class we have had a wonderful week full of Halloween!

We have enjoyed many Halloween stories and had lots of fun making crafts to go with the story.

The children made some fantastic broomsticks which went home this week as well as Halloween decorations and jelly for our party!




Woodlands class had a lovely day on #helloyellow day. We made lovely crafts which are now in the cloakroom for all to see. Thank you everyone for taking part in an important day.

This week the children have been exploring vegetables. Farmer John left some in the garden for us to find then we washed, chopped and cooked them to make a delicious vegetable soup!




We went for a lovely walk around the local park to search for signs of autumn. As you can see the children found some wonderful things!

We brought back all of the autumn finds to nursery and have explored and used it throughout the week for different activities.

Just look at our amazing journey sticks and leaf prints!





This week the woodlands class have had a lovely week continuing to explore water. The children experimented with mixing colours and how to make water walk!

On Friday we had a lovely visit to the park for a run around and parachute games.






The children in woodlands class have had a wonderful week, on a morning we have been visiting all the areas in nursery and looking at what we can do in them.

On a afternoon we have started our project, this term our project will be water.

We have explored what we use water for and finding out where it comes from. The children have also enjoyed experimenting how water moves and can be changed into ice which was very cold!

On Thursday we went apple picking from our nursery apple tree and on Friday made a delicious apple crumble!








Woodlands class have had a lovely week settling into their new nursery routines. We have had lots of fun exploring the areas in nursery.




Woodlands class this year welcomes the 30 hour children into the setting. The class team have enjoyed getting to know the children at home visits and at welcome meetings.

We look forward to seeing you all next week for the inductions.




As part of outdoor activities week we have had fun making different types of dens and hides. We made large scale dens in the garden, small dens for our little people and animal dens.



In nursery this week the children have been looking at the story ‘ The Gingerbread Man’.

Woodlands class received a letter from the Gingerbread man asking if we could help make him a ‘hide’ to keep him from being eaten!

This week the afternoon group went to the park for circle time. we had a lovely time exploring the gardens and playing games on the grass.



This week the children have been exploring the story of the ‘The magic porridge pot’.

Brendan came to nursery to tell us the story in his own musical way.

The children then made their own potion pots using lots of natural materials.

We had some lovely smelling potions which will be coming home with the children this week.




This week the children have been learning the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. The goats needed our help to build their bridge.The children used a variety of materials to create their structures.